Readiness, 2004

plastic webbing, printed tape, mixed objects, fabrics; dimensions variable

Through discussions, online research, data collection and interviews with people closely related to the 9/11 events, Diggs designed a readiness suit. It consisted of eight specialized clothing layers with labels on every compartment containing items recommended by Federal and NGO sources. Together they constituted generic aid and sustenance, irrespective of specific antidotes to a particular attack method. The resulting outfit constituted a very complete Go Bag:

  • an Information and Memory layer (photo ID, passport, important papers, currency, credit cards, photographs, letters, etc.); 
  • a Medical layer (antiseptic creams, burn gel, bandages, intestinal remedies, etc.); 
  • a Food layer (canned meat and fish, granola bars, dried fruit, protein powder); 
  • a Water layer, with purification tablets; 
  • a scarf Comfort layer (candy, tea, peanut butter and honey, etc.); 
  • a Tools layer (compass, knife, rope, plastic sheeting, sleeping bag, etc.); 
  • a Change of Clothing layer (as a headwrap); 
  • and an outer Covering and Collection layer, a Great Coat with large empty pockets for scavenging in the apocalyptic wreckage. This cover conceals the deeper layers, which would be coveted by any survivor who hadn’t planned ahead.