Domestic Violence Milk Carton Project, 1992

1.5 million milk cartons, four different designs

Moved by the escalating battered women's movement, Diggs read extensively about the psychology and sociology of domestic violence and conducted many interviews with rape counselors, police, women's advocates, shelter workers, and others. A woman imprisoned for killing her abuser suggested she do a project where victims of domestic violence could see the work, ideally the grocery store. Diggs designed 4 milkcartons, approached 8 dairies, got one design accepted by Tuscan Dairy, although it was rejected soon thereafter. As Tuscan sold milk in six states, Diggs asked all the domestic violence coalitions in those states to write letters to Tuscan in support of the project. After they threatened to boycott the dairy, Tuscan relented and produced the design in the NYC/NJ area in January 1992. The design's text read, "When You Argue At Home, Does It Always Get Out of Hand?"  The project was sponsored by Creative Time, NYC.

In June 1994, Peggy Diggs was asked to speak about her Milk Carton Project during a hearing on Capitol Hill as someone doing work about domestic violence. The hearing, "Domestic Violence: Not Just A Family Matter," was part of Senator Joe Biden’s work to inform the Representatives about domestic violence, and to prepare them for the Violence Against Women bill. Click here for a transcript of the hearing which was made before the Subcommittee on Crime and Criminal Justice of the Committee of the Judiciary; House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, Second Session with Hon. Charles E. Schumer serving as chairman. Diggs testimony appears on pages 93-100.