Flags, ongoing

Erased Flag, 2015 - 2016

fabric, thread; 24 x 24 inches


Erasing the Confederate Flag, 2008 - 2009 

fabric, thread; 30 x 30 inches

Some American Flags1989

fabric, thread; 78 x 138 inches each

Four black and grey flags were designed to address the heated discussion at the time about how the US flag could and could not be used for political or commercial purposes. These flags were made to include variations from the exact design and the precise measurements of the US flag. Of these four, only one is the correct design. Where does the flag’s meaning, symbolism and sanctity actually reside?

Dog Kicker, 1998 - 1999; Fighting Couple, 1998 - 1999; Tension in the Air, 2000; Crying Housewife, 1998

nylon, acrylic; 28.5 x 45 inches each

The flags Dog Kicker, Fighting Couple, Tension in the Air and Crying Housewife originated with pre-printed store-bought “seasonal” flags that people hang in front of their houses to present a cheery public face. These four were an effort to show what really might be going on in that house.